There is no minimum sale. All prices are in EURO. We ship via DHL.

Shipping to germany (for regular customers):

Shipping rate is 3,90€.
From a shopping basket of 40€ we ship for free! By the dispatch cash on delivery additional
8€ will be needed. Please notice that another 2€ for the the delivery agent will be calculated.

Shipping to Europe:

Weight:              Zone 1 (Belgium, Denmark, France, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic)

up to 5kg               11,90€

up to 10kg             15,90€

up to 20kg             19,90€

up to 30kg             25,90€

Weight:             Zone 2 (United Kingdom, Italy, Sweden, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain) 

up to 5kg               12,90€

up to 10kg             16,90€

up to 20kg             21,90€

up to 30kg             28,90€

Weight:             Zone 3 (Bosnia, Bulgaria, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Iceland, Kroatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta,
                                          Macedonia, Montenegro, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Ukraine, Zypern, White Russia)  

up to 5kg              13,90€

up to 10kg            17,90€

up to 20kg            24,90€

up to 30kg            32,90€

Gewicht:            Zone 4 (Liechtenstein, Swiss, San Marino)*

up to 5kg              18,90€

up to 10kg            27,90€

up to 20kg            45,90€

up to 30kg            64,90€

Weight:            Zone 5 (USA, China, India, Mexico)*

up to 5kg               57,90€
up to 10kg             87,90€

up to 20kg             149,90€

up to 30kg             215,90€

We normally do not ship in other countries, if you want that please contact us.
*Deliveries outside of the european community there are charges and taxes.